Queerfeminist peer support

The queerfeminist peer support is a counselling and information facility for (gender)queer, lesbian, poly-/bi-/pan-/a-sexual persons, trans*, inter*, lesbians, gender/queers and women etc. who do not identify themselves as cis-men.

In addition to information ranging from tips for going out to workshops to special advisory centres, there is also the possibility to get suggestions for academic work, e.g. presentations and term papers with a (queer) feminist focus. A small library, numerous magazines and zines etc. are available for this purpose.

Support from Queers for Queers

*Welcome are all those who do not identify themselves as cis-men*

[cis you are if you identify with the sex ascribed to you at birth (the opposite is trans*)]

Here you can find support for term papers or other scientific work on feminist or lesbian-feminist or queer topics, but also for various other subjects. There is a small but nice library, a number of exciting publications and magazines. You are welcome to come with your own book requests. We will try to realize them. Many of the books can also be borrowed.

We also provide confidential support for transition, coming out, give recommendations for going out or can talk about our experiences with queerness at the FU and in Berlin.

We are also always open to questions about good lecturers, therapists, doctors, lawyers etc. and will do our best to give you the best possible advice and, if necessary, contact addresses of experts.
However, since we do not have any legal or psychotherapeutic qualifications, we can usually only provide support.

During the counselling time, our space under the roof of the AStA-Villa is open to all trans*, lesbians, women, genderqueers, agenders, bisexuals, inter*, asexuals etc. who do not identify themselves as cis-men.

You can browse the library in peace, read comfortably, have a tea or coffee or chat with us.

Currently, peer support takes place from the perspective of an endogender, asexual, transmale person.


Unfortunately, the room is not barrier-free, because you have to climb several narrow stairs to get up here. Please contact us by mail and we will find a more suitable room for the meeting!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Counselling hours in winter semester 2019/2020:

Wednesday14:30 - 17:00h

It is also possible to make appointments outside counselling hours by e-mail.


Phone: (030) 839091-22 (only during counselling hours!)

E-mail: ps-queerfem (at) astafu.de